Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ann Arbor Food Scene: Sangria at Dominick's

        Ask any college student where the best place to get Sangria in Ann Arbor and I am positive 9 out of 10 people will tell you Dominick's. The other one can not be pleased.  Dominick's is located at 821 Monroe street, close to the Business school.  I had heard so much about Dominick's but only really that they had amazing sangria not much else.  Dominick's is located right next to campus and is sandwiched between campus buildings and student housing.  It actually blends in quite well and sort of looks like a frat house from the outside.  During the winter its closed but during the spring/summer its bustling with people all drinking sangria and enjoying the nice weather.  Dominick's is not like any other campus bar its not overloaded with bad college music, overrun with drunks, and open till 2.   Dominick's is actually only open from 10 am to 10 pm.  At 10 pm on the dot the speaker erupt in what sounds like a fire alarm alerting everyone that it is 10 and everyone needs to leave.
        Inside there is a fast food looking counter where you place your order.  Wood paneling with a counter about 3 feet wide.  Behind is the smattering of kitchen equipment and the glassware.  Apparently on top of the sangria there is also an assortment of food.   We got there at 9 so the kitchen was closed and I didnt get a chance to try the food.  I will return another day to try the food.  But my friends and I did get to order a pitcher of the famous sangria.  The sangria is poured into a gallon mason jar and we were given 3 cups.  The inside leaves a lot to be desired but both the front patio and back patio are both excellent summer hang out spots.  In the front there are always groups/gaggles/whatever you call many students together, hanging out and drinking the sangria out of their mason jars.  In back there are long family style tables, a beautiful color light fountain, and a reserved gazebo.  We went early in the season so Dominick's was not as busy as it could have been, and also it was a Tuesday night.  Many of my friends have stood in line for everything from 10 minutes to an hour waiting for a table.
        The sangria at Dominick's is quite unlike another other I have had.  It was really good and lived up to the hype.  This sangria is made of red wine, sweetened, topped with orange slices, and some splashes of liquor that I could not place but my friends swear they had heard thats how it is made.  I have had the sangria at a lot of different places across Ann Arbor and Dominick's is definitely top choice for sangria, if not for the altered sangria recipe but also the constant student buzz the surrounds Dominick's.  The other contender is Tio's on Liberty st and to be on any given day my preference changes depending on my mood. Dominick's definitely wins big points for being constantly inundated with students and a college-aged buzz.

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